Beer List 2016

Here is the beer list for the Independent Salford Beer Festival 2016, to give you and idea of the amazing beers we had on offer.

The 2017 beer list won’t be announced until much nearer the time of the festival. But keep and eye on the news page of the site, and the Independent Salford Beer Festival Twitter feed and Facebook page for further updates and announcements.

Last year, the list was divided into three sections: Cask Ales, Collaborations, and Evil Keg Filth.

The list is available in four downloadable formats: PDF (best for checking in a PC or Mac browser and PDF-reader enabled smartphones), PDF Checklist (best for downloading and printing), Epub/Ebook (suitable for most iOS and Android phones with an ebook reader utility) and Plain Text (best for copying & pasting to blogs, Facebook, message boards &c.)

Click below to download your preferred file, or scroll the page for more information on participating breweries and the beers they’re sending to the festival.

Cask Ales

Abbeydale, Sheffield | @AbbeydaleBeers

Beer Supplied: Japanese Citrus Pale – Yuzu Pale DH Sorachi & Lemongrass – 4.5% abv

Allgates, Wigan | @allgatesbrewers

Beer Supplied: Blackstar – Marshmallow Porter – 4.8% abv

Atom Beers, Hull | @atombeers

Beer Supplied: Critical Temperature (Habanero edition) – Chilli Coffee Porter – 6.5% abv

Vegan Friendly

Bad Seed, Malton | @badseedbrewery

Beer Supplied: Session I.P.A. – I.P.A. – 4.0% abv

Three of the biggest boldest hops crammed into this belter of a beer. Comet, Vic Secret, Ella combine to deliver a full-on tropical fruit punch. Easy drinking abv, full on hop flavour.

Vegan Friendly

Beer Nouveau, Manchester | @beernouveau

Beer Supplied: E.S.B. – best bitter – 5.5% abv

Vegan Friendly

Blackjack Brewery, Manchester | @Blackjackbeers

Beer Supplied: Ahtenum Lager – Lager – 5.0% abv

Vegan Friendly

Brass Castle Brewery, Malton | @BrassCastleBeer

Beer Supplied: Rubicon – Red Rye Ale – 4.5% abv

Brewsmith Beer, Ramsbottom | @BrewsmithBeer

Beer Supplied: 5 A Day IPA – Session I.P.A. – 4.8% abv

So called because of the 5 beautiful hops used to create this smashing session IPA, it gives peach, lychee, passionfruit and grapefruit flavours.

Bridestone’s Brewing, Hebden Bridge | @bridestonesmart

Beer Supplied: Off Yer Fruit! – Fruit Aged Session I.P.A. – 4.4% abv

Session pale, brewed with Chinook and Dry Hopped with Mosaic & Simcoe.  Further maturation on a bed of fresh citrus fruit.

Carbon Smith, Manchester | @Carbon_Smith

Beer Supplied: Salted Caramel Milk Stout – Salted Caramel Milk Stout – 5.1% abv

Cheshire Brewhouse, Congleton | @TheCheshireBrew

Beer Supplied: Caribbean Crossroads – Rum Cask Aged US Stout. – 6.5% abv

Vegan Friendly

Cloudwater Brew Co., Manchester | @cloudwaterbrew

Beer Supplied: I.P.A. Nelson Sauvin – I.P.A. – 6.5% abv

A dank, juicy, hoppy IPA feasturing Nelson Saubin hops and fruity esters from WLP4000 yeast.

Vegan Friendly

Cwrw Iâl, Llanarmon yn Iâl


Beer Supplied: Zawn – American Lemon Wheat – 4.2% abv

A zesty ultra pale low abv American Lemon Wheat ale.

Emmanuales, Sheffield | @emmanuales

Beer Supplied: The Deer Pants For Porter – Smoked Porter – 5.0% abv

Five Towns Brewery, Wakefield | @FBrewery

Beers Supplied:

Secret Life of Arabica – Imperial Stout – 8.0% abv

Beauty and the Beast – Citrus D.I.P.A. – 9.0% abv

Howard Town Brewery, Glossop | @HowardTownBrew

Beer Supplied: Ten – Belgian Style Quad – 10.0% abv

Lost Industry Brewing, Sheffield


Beer Supplied: Peanut Butter Milk Stout – Peanut Butter Milk Stout – 4.4% abv

Mallinsons Brewing Company, Huddersfield | @Mallinsons

Beer Supplied: Hop Shaker – Nelson Pale Ale – 3.8% abv

Marble Brewery, Manchester | @marblebrewers

Beer Supplied: US Extra Porter – Citra Dry Hop Porter – 5.9% abv

Vegan Friendly

“Mystery Brewery”, T.B.C.

Beer Supplied: T.B.C.

A brand new beer, from a brand new brewery, to be unveiled at the festival…

Vegan Friendly

Neptune Brewery, Maghull | @neptunebrewery

Beer Supplied: Black Percula – Chocolate Orange Stout – 4.5% abv

North Riding Brewery, Scarborough | @north_riding

Beer Supplied: Dandelion & Burdock Porter – Porter – 4.5% abv

A Porter that tastes of dandelion and burdock.

Vegan Friendly

OffBeat, Crewe | @offbeat_brewery

Beer Supplied: C Smackdown – Hoppy Pale Ale – 4.0% abv

Pictish Brewing Co., Rochdale | @pictishbrewing

Beer Supplied: Pekko – Pekko (Single Hop) Pale – 4.2% abv

Quantum Brewing Co., Stockport | @QuantumBC

Beer Supplied: Pale Extra Ale – Strong Pale Ale – 6.0% abv

Rammy Craft Ales, Ramsbottom | @rammycraftbrew

Beer Supplied: Whinberry Mild – Mild – 6.1% abv

Rat Brewery, Sheffield | @RatBrewery

Beer Supplied: Grapes of Rat – Cabernet Sauvignon Barrel Aged Barley Wine – 10.0% abv

Revolutions Brewing Co., Castleford | @revolutionsbrew

Beer Supplied: Psycho Candy – Belgian Centennial I.P.A. – 7.0% abv

Rivington Brewing Co., Rivington


Beer Supplied: Te Make – New Zealand D.I.P.A. – 8.3% abv

Packed with 4 different NZ hops; hoppy, citrusy, piney.

Serious Brewing Co., Rochdale


Beer Supplied: Ginger Saison – Saison – 6.9% abv

A deceptively light Saison. Dry, with a spicy warmth from two types of ginger.

Squawk Brewing Co., Manchester | @SQUAWKBrewingCo

Beer Supplied: Oat Pale – Seven Dry-Hopped Pale – 4.9% abv

Thirst Class Ale, Stockport | @ThirstClassAle

Beer Supplied: Kiss My Ace – Sorachi Pale Ale – 4.0% abv

A pale ale heavily hopped with Sorachi Ace giving a punchy aroma with intense lemon and dill flavours.

TicketyBrew, Stockport | @ticketybrew

Beer Supplied: Kiwi Saison – Fruit Saison – 4.3% abv

This is kiwi in every sense of the word! A lot of fresh kiwis were skinned and mashed into the boil, and the beer was hopped with the fantastic Waimea hop from New Zealand.

Vegan Friendly

Torrside Brewing, New Mills | @torrside

Beer Supplied: “Monsters” American Barley Wine 2016 – Barley Wine – 9.0% abv

Vegan Friendly

Track Brewing Co., Manchester | @trackbrewco

Beer Supplied: Troika – US / AUS / NZ Pale – 5.2% abv

Wishbone Brewery, Keighley


Beer Supplied: Pastiche – Pale Ale – 3.8% abv

A pale ale brewed with Citra, Simcoe and Galaxy hops.

E.K.F. Keg Collaborations

Bad Seed, Malton & Track Brewing Co., Manchester | @badseedbrewery | @trackbrewco

Beer Supplied: Troika – Pale Ale – 5.2% abv

Bexar County Brewery, Peterborough & Offbeat Brewery, Crewe | @BexarCountyBrew | @offbeat_brewery

Beer Supplied: Thin Line Between Genius and Insanity – Kombucha Soured Milk Neapolitan Ale – 3.2% abv

Blackjack Brewery, Manchester & Brass Castle Brewery, Malton | @Blackjackbeers | @BrassCastleBeer

Beer Supplied: Lemon Spritz – Hazy Lemon Ale – 5.0% abv

Five Towns Brewery, Wakefield & Squawk Brewing Co., Manchester | @FBrewery | @SQUAWKBrewingCo

Beer Supplied: Mango and Sumac El Dorado – Farmhouse I.P.A. – 5.8% abv

Vegan Friendly

Mallinsons Brewing Company, Huddersfield & The Runaway Brewery, Manchester | @Mallinsons | @RunawayBrewery

Beer Supplied: Redcurrant Saison – Redcurrant Saison – 6.5% abv

Traditional Belgan style Saison with fresh redcurrants. Dry, fruity, a little tart and dead refreshing.

Vegan Friendly

North Riding Brewery, Scarborough & Thirst Class Ale, Stockport | @north_riding | @ThirstClassAle

Beer Supplied: War of the Raspberries – Imperial Raspberry Oatmeal Stout – 6.7% abv

A strong, chocolatey Oatmeal Stout with added Raspberries.

Evil Keg Filth

Atom Beers, Hull | @atombeers

Beer Supplied: Phobos & Demos – Rye Pale Ale – 7.0% abv

Vegan Friendly

Bexar County Brewery, Peterborough | @BexarCountyBrew

Beer Supplied: Cold Pressed Pale – Coffee Infused Pale Ale – 5.1% abv

Elusive Brewing, Finchampstead | @ElusiveBrew

Beer Supplied: Love Action – Cranberry & Vanilla Stout – 5.8% abv

Good balance between the sharp cranberry and sweet vanilla but roasty overall. Only 2 kegs in existence!

Vegan Friendly

Mourne Mountains Brewery, Warrenpoint | @MourneBrewery

Beer Supplied: Mourne Mist – Pilsner – 4.5% abv

Northern Alchemy, Newcastle Upon Tyne | @NE_alchemy

Beer Supplied: Moroccan Spiced Mild – Mild – 3.4% abv

Vegan Friendly

Otherton Ales, Crewe | @OthertonAleMan

Beer Supplied: Passepartout (Brett Aged) – Bretted D.I.P.A. – 7.4% abv

Weird Beard, London | @WeirdBeard_Brew

Beer Supplied: Double Perle (Jim Beam Barrel Aged) – Imperial Milk Stout – 8.2% abv

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