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Nearly there now. The culmination of almost 8 months of toil is less than 9 days away. I just hope it’s worth it.

This is a celebration of beer. But it takes place for a purpose. That is to raise money for the venue. A Community Centre in the heart of Salford.

This event started in 2014 as something intensely personal to me. I’m tangled up in this place, with these people. It’s now part of me. Yes, this event is a celebration of what’s great in UK beer, but it’s about people. People coming together and – in the simple process of drinking great beer – helping the local community.

This year, a whole bunch of people who coalesced as friends through this event have come together to push it, promote it, getting involved in ways I’m certain they never thought they would. These people care about the event, sure. But they care about people. People matter. That’s why I love them.

This isn’t a fancy venue. But there’s soul here. Things happen in places like this all around the country, that are truly great. Humbling things. People get helped. Back onto their two feet. Helping them to help themselves.

I’ve seen it for myself. And it strengthens the ties that bind me here.

Like I said, this isn’t a fancy place. It isn’t an “iconic” structure. There isn’t history. Scenes from “Corrie” may have been filmed here (yes, really!), but nobody will film documentaries ABOUT it. Yet it has a soul. And that’s important, to me at any rate.

As for the event itself.

The food will be prepared onsite. Freshly. It will be – as ever – tasty and wholesome. We could do stuff differently. But we like it like this. It works.

There’ll be somewhere for you to sit, if you want to. Or stand, if that’s your choice. Being comfortable matters.

The beer will be priced reasonably. From (the equivalent of) £3 a pint – at the lower strengths, to £2.50 a third for the “silly” stuff. And we’ve got a bit of that….

There will be the now traditional series of raffles with some generously donated prizes held in the last 3 sessions – as always.

There will be fabulous live tunes. And some enthusiastic – if haphazard – attempts of DJing via laptop, with ‘sensible’ requests considered. As long as it’s Bowie, eh Mike?

But I’m not naive. You want to see the beer list. So, after 8 months of cajoling, mithering, nudging…. It’s just below. It has been a “labour of love”.

The aim has been for each and every beer to be new to Manchester. I’ve tried, but don’t shoot me if one or two slipped through the net. It wasn’t for the want of trying!

First, Cask.

Brewery Name ABV Style
Abbeydale Methuselah 2 8.1% abv Barrel Aged Stout with Cocoa nibs, vanilla and Sour Cherries
Allgates Pennygate 4.2% abv APA (Mosaic / Amarillo)
Bad Seed Bunco 4.3% abv US Pale Ale (Amarillo, Cascade, Chinook & Comet)
Beer Nouveau Berks Princess 6.3% abv Dry Stout
Black Jack Rhubarb & Custard  4.5% abv Rhubarb Brown Saison
Blue Bee Tia Maria Milk Stout 5.7% abv Milk Stout
Bone Machine Dream Machine 5.2%abv Oz hopped Pale
Brew York Luke Piehawker 4.8% abv Pecan Pie Porter
Brewsmith Table Beer 3% ish Table Beer (Citra, Mosaic, Simcoe) 
Briggs Neo Classical 3.9 % abv Green Hop Session Black IPA (Centennial / Cascade)
Cheshire Brewhouse Govinda (Organic Plumage Archer Malt /  Early Keyworth, Jester, Boadecia etc) 6.7%abv English IPA
Cheshire Brewhouse Govinda (Chevalier Malt / Goldings)  6.7%abv English IPA
Cwrw Ial Fruit Loop Soup 7% abv Fruit Salad NE IPA
Emmanuales Beer Thou My Vision  4.5 % abv Session Pale (Liberty, Azacca, Olicana, Columbus)
Five Towns Always Crashing In The Same Car 8.6% abv Rhubarb infused Belgian style Tripel – Orval Yeast
Five Towns Breaking Glass 4.8% abv Pineapple & Coconut Citra Pale (Pina Colada)
Hopjacker Javahoppy 6%abv Coffee IPA
Howard Town Lowry’s Vermillion 4.3% abv US Red Ale (Cascade / Mosaic / Willamette) 
Lost Industry 5th Shade of Pale 4.8% abv Pale Ale w/Orange / Lemon fruit Citra DH
Mallinsons Bramling Bramble 3.7%abv Single Hopped Bramling Cross Pale w/added fresh brambles
Marble Imperial Chocolate Stout 11% abv Imperial Chocolate Milk Stout
Neptune Run Aground 5.8% abv Coffee IPA
North Riding Brewpub Chocolate Orange Porter 6.2% abv  Porter
North Riding v Steel City Raspberry Citra (30/09/2017) 4.8%abv Citra well-hopped Pale with Raspberries
Offbeat Idiosyncratic IPA 4.3%abv Black IPA (Columbus, Simcoe, Comet)
Pictish Trigo Rojo 4.7% abv Hibiscus Wheat
Rammy Craft Cascadian RIPA 6.5% abv Bourbon Oak Aged Cascadian Rye IPA
Rat Sneaky Rat 3.6% abv Session Pale (Amarillo/Citra)
Redwillow TBC
Revolutions Black Monk Time 7% abv Belgian Stout
Rivington Never Known A Fog Like It! 5.2% abv NE Pale Ale
Serious Serious Wit 4%abv Wheat beer (orange peel & coriander seeds) (V)
Squawk Simcoe Pale (Cryo Hopped w/Ekuanot)  4.2% abv Pale Ale
Thirst Class Parkin Porter 4.8%abv Porter
Tickety Raspberry & Pink Peppercorn Wheat 4.5% abv Wheat Beer
Torrside American Barleywine 2017 (Bourbon barrel aged) 9% abv Barley Wine
Track Going To The Sun (Specially dry hopped) 7% abv Dry-hopped NE IPA
Turning Point Sun Empire 4.6% abv Tropical Pale Ale
Wishbone Night Star 2 5.5%abv Pale Ale (Mosaic, Ahtenum, Summit)
Runaway East India Porter 5.6% abv Porter (Yes. Cask!)

And #EvilKegFilth

Brewery Name ABV Style
Abbeydale Eiffel 65 9% abv Maple Blueberries IPA. With Sorachi Ace
Beatnikz Republic Tropical Rainforest 6%abv Tropical Stout
Bexar County We’re All Mad Here 6.1% abv Deconstructed Cream Tea
Brew by Numbers 17/10 Table Saison  3.5% abv Saison with added fresh ginger.
Cloudwater Happy Seasons  6.5% abv  Lychee Pale (Collab with Jing-A Brewing Co)
Elusive Love Action (12″ Remix) 10% abv Imperial Blueberry & Vanilla Stout
FiveCloud Aren’t You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper 6% abv NE IPA
Little Earth Project Sorachi Ace Saison 7.4% abv Wild Yeast Saison
Macc Brew Co Lemon & Sichuan Pepper Saison 5.5% abv Saison
Mad Hatter Under The Spreading Chestnut Tree 4.6% abv Nut Brown Ale
Magic Rock Bearded Lady (Islay Barrel Aged) 10.5% abv Imperial Stout
Marble Imperial Chocolate Stout 11% abv Chocolate Milk Stout
Mourne Chinook Lager 5% abv Lager
Northern Alchemy Birch Syrup Sour 3.2% abv Sour
Pig & Porter Mango Daiquiri DIPA 10.6% abv DIPA
Runaway East India Porter 5.8% abv East India Porter
The Kernel Biere de Saison : Raspberry 4.7% abv Saison/Sour
Twisted Barrel TBC Belgian Quad
Verdant / Stigbergets New & Improved IPA 6.5% abv IPA (heavy Citra /Centennial
Vibrant Forest Castanea 4.5% abv Mosaic / Centennial Pale
Weird Beard Tequila barrel aged Bearded Nurse 10.2% abv Tequila barrel aged Barley Wine
Wilde Child Righteous Indignation 7.4% abv NE IPA
Wiper & True/Stillwater /LHG  Vital One 10%abv Imperial Malted Milk Stout
Time & Tide Echo : Red Burgundy 5.9% abv Barrel Aged Bretted Saison
Hopcraft v Waen? A Sponge & A Rusty Spanner 4.7% abv Red Ale (Cascade, Citra, Galaxy Dry hop) 
Runaway Grub Lemon Drizzle IPA  5.2% abv Cake Inspired IPA! 
Six Degrees North Bombini 6% abv Belgian Style Honey Beer
Black Jack Rhubarb and Custard 4.4% abv Rhubarb Brown Saison
Mallinsons Lady Marmarillo 5.6% abv Amarillo XL – with a boost!

And the #EvilKegFilth 5-a-side Collab Series

North South Abv Name Style
Neptune Twisted Barrel 6.5 % abv Twisted Thai’d Thai Spice Saison
North Riding Offbeat 9% abv D. I. P. A. DIPA (Originally brewed 2013 with Kuhnhenn Brothers)
Torrside Bexar County 4.5% abv EPIA Indian Pale Ale
Rivington Pig & Porter 9.1% abv Lair Of The Baubai Fruited Baltic Porter
Brewsmith Elusive 4.5% abv Nomen Luni Pale Ale (Centennial, Mosaic, Nugget) 

There you go.

See you next week? Click and WIN! (OK. When I say Win……)


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