#ISBF4 Brewday No 13 : North Riding Brewery & Steel City Brewing

North Riding.

As one brewer said to me “I hate how well he brews!” Said with a smile, but the point was made. I don’t go in to bat (to use a cricketing analogy – Stuart would approve) for just any brewery. But I did for North Riding. And after a year of so of pushing, we started to get beers on this side of “The Hill” from this cracking Scarborough gaff.

But it isn’t down to me. It’s down to the beer. And those beers are fabulous.

This brew started with a dream beer. I contacted the #InternationalManOfMisery we shall now refer to as Dave Mediapro (Overlord of Steel City) and asked him about a rebrew of one of my previous “beers of the year”, the oxymoronic Black IPA “Protz’s Pleasure” that he brewed with Stuart (Neilson – North Riding).

Needless to say, my bubble got burst. Damn!

Then all SORTS of weird and wonderful ideas flitted between Sheff, Bolton & Scarborough. Before Stuart  placed his amply sized foot down.

So it’s Friday afternoon. And I’m hotfoot from brewing at Pictish in Rochdale (more later) to travel direct to Scarborough, that prettiest of Northern resorts. To spend a night at what is now my favourite pub – but that’s for a future Beers Manchester post.

Saturday morning. Up early. The bribe. Citra. And lots of it.

Mashing in went as smoothly as it should. Mostly pale malt with some exotic sounding Chateau Melano.

We soon had those aromas of liquid breakfast rising from the vessel and lifting my soul.

(Two of Yarkshire’s finest. Getting their pout mash on!)

(I’m a sucker for a crop circle, me)

There is a two fold trick to this beer. A metric shitload of Citra (leaf & dry hop) and lots of my old Yorkshire friends.


Boil on the go and Magnum (Stuart’s “go to” bittering hop) it was time for a little light refreshment…..

 Obviously, I hated that part.

Boil done. Fragrance time. Oh yes…..

Citra. Dreadful stuff. NOT! Beautiful tropical fruit smells flooded the place. I didn’t want to get off the ladders. At all.

Oh to sleep on a hop bed like that. But maybe a bit cooler eh?

So. What have we got? 15 kgs of fresh Yorkshire Raspberries going into the FV. Pureed. Oh yum!

Launching simultaneously at Sheffield Beer festival, this is going to be a special little treat. Just for me.

Want to know something else, we’re getting 3 other beauties. One from the rarely seen Brewpub and these two beauties (Courtesy #EvilKegFilth 5-a-side Collab series North Riding v Offbeat!)

Ask nicely and I might (might, mind you) let you taste a bit of that Raspberry Citra ….. Tickets here

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