#ISBF4 Brewday No 12 – Pictish Brewery

For those in the know – including some of Manchester’s starriest beer people – Pictish brew simply exceptional beers, their single hopped Pale Ales being particularly loved.

A “Go To” brewery for me and many others.

Some may be trendier, but some just do the simple things of making delicious beer using Malted Barley, water, hops and yeast. And do it bloody well. Like Pictish.

Last year, we had a single hopped Pale Ale (Pekko) and it was delicious. But, being a bit of a contrarian, Paul Wesley decided that he wanted to do something well…. a bit different this year. And this is certainly that!

I’ll leave this one to Jock – on his first brewday….

“An early 7.30am start, Paul is usually an even earlier riser, but was kind to Jim and Jock.

210kg Pale Malt and Wheat went into this extraordinary  brew for Pictish (Usually famous for Pale, hoppy, extremely quaffable session beers.)

The best and most unusual ingredient was yet to come…

A relatively small amount of hops for bitterness added, but then later came the colourful and fruity fragrance of…. Whole Hibuscus Flowers, lots of them too..

In their dry state, they tasted a little like blackberry cornflakes, when added to the brewing beer the colour and aromas exploded ! Purple Porrige anyone ?

Whilst this was going on Paul put Jim and Jock to work digging out the Mash..first bit of physical labour Jock had done for quite a while, but hey, all in a good cause..

We left Paul (and his faithful sidekick Martin) with huge thanks, just as purple frothy  bubbles were dancing at the top of the fementing/brewing? tank..We wondered what the head of the beer will be like ?

Paul made Jim and me extremely welcome and we will do the same at #ISBF4 when the Pictish team come to savour this brew and the many other beery delights that will be on offer..

Cheers Jock.

This most colourful of beers is – as Jock mentioned – a bit of a departure for Paul. But it’s certainly one of the first on my personal “to do” list. Just like every time I see a Pictish clip.

Fruity and tart. A perfect palate livener. And where you gonna go to get it first?

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