#ISBF4 – Collab Brewday No.2: Elusive Brewing

It has become an unofficial (yet) tradition that the brewery that wins “Beer of the Festival” at ISBF collabs with us for the next event. Of course, there wasn’t going to BE a “next event” when we finished up last October, but the lovely Andy Parker – the brewer behind the amazing “Love Action” was more than happy to continue the tradition.

So, without further ado, over to the Team ISBF reprentative – Chris :

Jim gave the go-ahead. He’s the boss, you know. The evil despot…. (Err……….A bit harsh? Ed)

What shall we brew? I asked Andy. “Well, I was thinking I could get Love Action up to around 12%”. Errrr, ok. Go on then. ISBF isn’t known for its lovers of big heavy dark beers, much!!

Quite reasonable 7:45 from Wolftown to Birmingham. Still meant a normal alarm setting. So, no late night shenanigans…….

Delayed train. Change of “pick up” plans. Change at Reading for Wokingham. The new “plan” (rail cack up) being better for AP than original plan.

The beer plan? A Double mash brew. MASHING Twice to get the abv volume required. Expect approx 70 litres. First in mash ready for copper, so we ran that off.

Clean out mash tun and start again.

The total grain bill was 42kg (21 per mash) bearing in mind that this will only produce 70 litres, this was set to be BIG from the get go!

Some hops. Not many, of course! Magnum for bittering, the accent here is on the roasty stuff. And lots of it. This beer is going to be SINFULLY black!

Brewing is a lot of waiting around, followed by periods of manic activity. So when the alarm when for the Carrageen addition, we jumped to attention. Clean the FV! Get the pump ready for transfer. Empty the fridge.

Do we have a name? Double Love Action. Extreme Love Action. Love Action 12″ all in the melting pot.

Thoughts around the finished beer ranged from a literal reinterpretation of last year’s LA, but ramped up, to additions of raspberry, chillis, cherries, vanilla, chocolate. Lots of thoughts. Andy’s sensible suggestion was – let me pitch the yeast, give it some time, have a taste and we can discuss it then.

Personally, I think blueberries with a vanilla hint will be a winner here…

What we have is a satanically dark beer. A beautiful huge fruity stout at around 10% abv. Taking “Love Action” to a whole new level!

And we – at ISBF4 – are getting this extremely rare beer first! Exclusive to Manchester.

Thank you Chris. Thank you Andy. I can’t wait!


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