ISBF 2016 – Post 27 : Coming Together


Good Grief! It’s it REALLY 12 months since we were here? This is now my home for the next week or so and it feels like I’ve never been away.

Today (Tuesday) has been particularly busy, with

  1. Beers arriving
  2. Glassware arriving, washing and re-storing.
  3. Both bars installed and beers in place.
  4. Karkli – Beer snack to the God’s – arrived. And I didn’t eat it all.


Pretty little blighters eh? There are plenty of these.

It has been a long, long day. But tomorrow will be calmer for it. Tickets are moving towards sell out sessions, with Friday afternoon, evening and Saturday lunch particularly close.


Never thought we’d have a wooden cask. But that particular beast contains the first collab I did for this festival. Back in February. The Secret Life of Arabica (cognac infused Raisin & Coffee Imperial Stout) brewed with the only brewery to win beer of the festival. On BOTH occasions. Five Towns.

And there are two more “woodies”. From Beer Nouveau & (a first in cask) Carbon Smith.


And my favourite pump clip. At least 3 Bowie themed beers this year. There may be a Bowie tune or two over the PA!

And I’m LOVING these….


£10 could secure one. In either Olive, Pale Blue or Heather Grey. There are even 3 of the original Evil Keg Filth shirts left (£15 – Large only)

Got a few raffle prizes too! (Friday evening, Sat Afternoon and Evening sessions….)

Beer prices between £3 and £6 (pro rata) max.

I’m excited. Are you? Get on and get those tickets bought while you still can. Because once we shut those doors on Saturday evening. It’s over. And won’t be repeated.

Look forward to seeing you.


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