ISBF 2016 – Post 26 : The Small Things That Matter

2016 Glass Front

JUst a few more words from little (!) old me. Things that you might need to know before you rock up next week……

Glassware – As you can see, pretty as….. (There will be a pint glass, but more limited than last year. And we are proud to our bones to be sponsored by and associated with the best new bar in Manchester. The Brink. A lovely little bar on Bridge Street where localism is king.

The Beer – At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is the ultimate beer list in more than just the one sense. Check out the list HERE. It IS rather special.

And in a departure from previous years, sparklers will be used when requested. If you want that, just hand in your glass for a clean one. The small things eh……….

Cask beers will be in the larger room whilst the Evil Keg Filth (I’m VERY fond of that term!) will be in Room 2 and hopefully prettily signposted!

Prices – The beer will be priced between an effective £3 – £6 per pint (pro rata where necessary). No more. Even for the “monsters”. I couldn’t justify any more in all conscience. Payment will be by paper tokens, obtained at the front “desk” as usual.

Music! – We are chuffed to the core to have our live music presented on both the Friday & Saturday evenings by new local label Sweet Sweet Records. Details HERE. Duke and the Darlings have been with us from Day One and it wouldn’t feel right to ride off into the sunset without Alex’s dulcet tones echoing in our ears! HUGE thanks to Alex and the guys for this. There will be two artists on each of the Friday and Saturday evenings.

There will be a few tunes from my laptop in other sessions (AKA the best jukebox in Salford)  and maybe – just maybe – some discs spun from the most laid back of Mancunian decks on the Saturday evening session from Joe from Black Jack. (TBC)

Presentations – On Friday evening, we will be having a Cask v Keg style event / talk hosted by 3 of the loveliest people in the Northern Brewing scene. Mark Welsby from Runaway Brewery and Tara Mallinson & Elaine Yendall from Mallinsons with at least two different beers to try in each format. (I’ll be in attendance for certain!)

On the Saturday lunchtime session, we are honoured to host a talk about Manchester Beer Week past and future from Mr Manchester Beer Week himself Connor Murphy – another event I wouldn’t miss for all the beer in Manchester!

Non-Alcoholic Beverages – We are really proud to have soft drinks supplied by those lovely people at Steep Soda!!!


Not to forget those lovely people from Chilli Relish!

Transport – Last year, we had some issues (to put it mildly) with taxis. And lessons have been learned. We have partnered up with Manchester based taxi company Cresta Cars to have taxis available on request. If you do come, please try to book 1/2 hour in advance. (Cards will be on tables and posters in main entrance area)

I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything have I?

Oh yes. There will be a NEW MANCHESTER BREWERY launching at this humble little beer celebration! To learn more, you need to grab your tickets while you still can! Click HERE!

And remember…..

Beer Nouveau
Carbon Smith
Cheshire Brewhouse
Cwrw Ial
Five Oh
Howard Town
Rammy Craft
Serious Brew Co
Thirst Class
Mystery Brewery

Bad Seed
Brass Castle
Five Towns
Lost Industry
North Riding

Bad Seed v Track
Bexar County v Offbeat
Blackjack v Brass Castle
Five Towns v Squawk
Mallinsons v Runaway
North Riding v Thirst Class

Bexar County
Mourne Mountains
Northern Alchemy
Weird Beard

All of these breweries…..Doing a new beer to Manchester. Just for us!

Grab your ticket and come & join us at the friendliest of beer celebrations,

Back soon!

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